Finding Accommodation

Finding Accommodation

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Finding UK accommodation is an essential part of your relocation. To live in a new city, you need somewhere to stay.

Before leaving for the UK, you should already have arranged for somewhere to stay for the first three weeks at least. Friends or relatives already living in the UK are often helpful in such circumstances.

You should also have done some initial research about where you’ll want to stay long-term. Using the internet you can research expected prices, view pictures and maps of prospective accommodation and make arrangements for viewing in person after your arrival in the UK.

If you already have a job offer prior to your arrival in the UK, your future employer may be a helpful resource for finding accommodation.

Having somewhere to stay for the first few weeks will give you time to find accommodation of a more permanent nature and allow you to personally inspect your prospective UK accommodation. However, if you’ve not done your homework you may need more than a week to get settled.

You should also decide whether you’re comfortable committing to accommodation that you’ve not seen in person. The use of reputable rental agencies can help mitigate the risks and provide valuable accommodation advice.

Advice for Finding Accommodation

  • Location, location, location – As always, this remains the most important part of any accommodation decision. It will affect the cost of your accommodation, it will affect your travel times and costs and to a large extent it will influence the quality of life you experience while living in the UK.
  • Don’t rush it – take your time choosing where you will stay. Many people are in so much of a hurry that they take the first accommodation option they see. It’s important to shop around to get a good feel for what the market offers in your price range. Make sure you view at least three alternative accommodation choices before committing to your choice.
  • Flat-share options – Many people seek flat-share options since they provide a good way of managing accommodation costs. Bear in mind though, you’ll want flatmates that suit your personality and lifestyle.
  • Consider lead times – Rental contracts are often subject to lead times of a month or longer. The best accommodation options are likely to be snapped up quickly so planning ahead is essential. 
  • Rental agencies VS person-to-person ads – Rental agencies may be more expensive than person-to-person ads but offer more reliability in terms of accommodation quality.
  • Check for accreditation – In some areas, local landlords may be part of an accreditation scheme. These schemes are a good indicator of accommodation quality and add credibility to private rental accommodation.

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