How to Live

How to Live

Our Kickstart London package provides you with the best possible start to living and working in the UK including, UK Bank Account, Free Money Transfer, NI (National Insurance) advice and more!

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Hostels & Backpackers

Hostels or Backpackers are an attractive place to stay when you first arrive in the UK because they are cheap, give you access to like minded travellers and don't require a long term commitment. There are thousands of hostels located around the UK and they can be found on the internet. Booking is generally not required but be careful around busy times as the hostels can fill up. Ensure you inspect the room and facilities before committing to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

House and Flat Share

Sharing a house with other travellers is a common living arrangement in the UK. Existing tenants usually advertise rooms for rent in shared houses.This may be ideal for you if you are just looking for a room, want to meet like minded people and would like better quality accommodation without the cost of renting by yourself.

Living on Your Own

Some people choose to rent a unit or house by themselves or with friends. This is the most expensive option as you will be required to pay a large deposit and will have to meet the rent payments by yourself. This option is usually sourced via a UK based Real Estate Agency and should give you the best chance of finding exactly what you want.

UK Property Rentals

Many places in the UK are fully furnished which is a big help when you first arrive, however it is also a good idea to find out exactly what is included before you say yes. Rental properties in London and the UK differ greatly in price; the location is an important factor in this as well as the size and age of the house. Every borough of London has something different to offer its residents, for more information on the different areas of London please check out 1st Contact's free London Guide.

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