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How to find accommodation in the UK

One of your first concerns when moving to the UK
will probably be finding accommodation.

Here are several popular options that Australian travellers have been using successfully over the years.

hostels and backpackers

Hostels and backpackers

Hostels or backpackers are attractive to newcomers to the UK, as they are cost-effective, allow you to meet other travellers and are not a long term commitment. A quick online search will bring up thousands of options for you to choose from.

Booking is not usually required, but be careful as they can become quite busy around peak seasons and weekends. Ensure that you inspect the room and facilities before checking in or making payment.

house and flat share

House and flat share

Sharing a house with other travellers is common in the UK. Existing tenants usually advertise rooms for rent in shared houses.

This is the perfect option if you only want a room; you’ll be able to get better quality accommodation than you could afford alone. You’ll also be able to meet like-minded people.

living alone

Living on your own

Some people choose to rent a unit or house by themselves or with friends. This is the most expensive option; you’ll have to pay a large deposit and will have to meet the rent payments by yourself.

This is usually sourced via a UK-based real estate agency, which should give you the best chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for.

property rental

UK property rentals

Many places in the UK are fully furnished, which is a big help to those who have just moved to the country. Rental properties in London and the UK differ greatly in price; location, size and age of the house are all determining factors. Every borough of London has different draw cards. 1st Contact's free London Guide explains this in more detail.

News for all our 1st Contact clients

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