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Jobs in the UK

Boost your career by adding UK work experience to your CV.

There’s never a bad time to broaden your skills and gain international experience in your chosen profession. We’ve partnered with various recruitment agencies in the UK to help you find a job quickly and easily.

1st Contact Job Assistance will forward your CV on to potential employers in your field, giving you the best chance to secure employment in the UK.


1st Contact Job Assistance

1st Contact Job Assistance can help you secure a job. Once you’ve submitted your CV online, we’ll ensure it’s in the right format and share it with our extensive network of UK recruitment agencies. Our job assistance specialists will help prepare you and find the best jobs in the UK, before you leave home.

Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List

If you are skilled worker in your field, then you may qualify for a UK work permit.

The UK Shortage Occupation List lists the professions in the UK that are in exceptionally high demand. Being a professional in one of these occupations affords you easier entry into the UK via the Tier 2 (General) visa on the points-based system. Read more about skilled visas.

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