Living in the UK

Our Kickstart London package provides you with the best possible start to living and working in the UK including, UK Bank Account, Free Money Transfer, NI (National Insurance) advice and more!

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Once you have arrived and are comfortably settled into London life, this is the time to be proactive whilst enjoying all that London has to offer. Let 1st Contact assist you to make the most of your overseas experience!

1st Contact is geared to accommodate you with all of your long-term planning in order to enhance your life living in the UK. Our financial, tax and medical insurance experts are available to assist you to make wise decisions.

The Big Countdown

Find out how to make the most out of preparing for your big move!

UK Guide

Use the information below to help you move through the big city.

» The London Guide
» UK Job Assistance
» UK Careers
» UK Travel
» UK Essentials

UK Financial Guide

Information to guide your with your finances in the UK.

» UK Financial Handbook
» National Insurance
» UK Tax & Financials

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