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To apply for this visa, you will need to provide evidence that you have been in a relationship or have been living with a person - who is free from UK immigration restrictions - for at least two years.


How to qualify for a
partner visa

If your spouse is a British citizen or has permanent residence, you can apply for a two year marriage or unmarried partner visa. If your spouse is a European Economic Are (EEA) national, you will initially receive a six month visa. Upon arrival in the UK, you can apply for a five year EEA family permit.

If your spouse holds a UK visa, your visa will be valid until theirs expires. This will grant you full working rights in the UK.

Once your initial visa is due for renewal, you will be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK.


Financial requirements
for a partner visa

On 9 July 2012, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) updated the requirements regarding visas for spouses, partners and family members of UK citizens or settled persons.

Certain financial thresholds have been put in place to determine who can qualify for a “family of a settled person” visa.

You can find more information about the various financial categories below.

Category A: Salaried income

The UK citizen or settled person must earn a minimum income of £18,600 for the 12 months prior to the visa application date. If they had not earned this amount in the previous 12 months, they must have been permanently employed for six months and earning a gross annual income of £18,600. This is known as the minimum income threshold.

If your spouse is not yet in the UK, they must have a job offer with a salary that meets the minimum income threshold. The commencement date for their employment must be within three months of their arrival date.

If you have children, you will have to meet a higher minimum income threshold.**

Category C: Non-employment income

Income received from rental properties, dividends, interest on savings or other investments can be used to meet the minimum income threshold of £18,600. If the applicant is relying solely on non-employment-related income, the investment can be held in either a sponsor’s or the applicant’s name. No job offer is required in this case.

Category D: Cash savings

The applicant or sponsor must have held cash savings of at least £62,500 (or equivalent local currency amount) in a bank account for a minimum of six months.

It is possible to use cash savings that have not been held for six months if the funds are the result of the sale of an investment that had been held for more than six months prior to the application date.

Cash savings can be combined with other categories to help you meet the financial requirement.

Category E: Pension

The gross annual income from any state or private pension received by you or your partner may be used to meet the financial requirement. However, the annual pension income must have been a source of income for at least 28 days prior to the application date.

Category F/G: Self-employed income

This category is based on the UK citizen or settled person’s income only. They may choose either an average of the company’s income from the last two financial years or the most recent financial year. Proof of ongoing self-employed income or a UK job offer must be provided.


Some of these categories can be combined to meet the required threshold. It is best to conduct a detailed assessment of your financial circumstances in order to determine the most appropriate way for you to meet the financial requirements. Contact us to discuss your application with a UK visa consultant.

*All overseas currency will be converted to GBP on the date of application. **An additional amount of £3,800 is added to the minimum income threshold for the first child sponsored in addition to a partner or spouse, as well as a further £2,400 for each additional child. Children who hold UK citizenship are exempt from this calculation.

For example:

Partner with no children – £18,600 annual income or £62,500 cash savings
Partner and one child – £22,400 annual income or £72,000 cash savings
Partner and two children – £24,800 annual income or £78,000 cash savings


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